Title: Migrant Dawn

Medium: Digital (Affinity Designer)

A former student once shared with me a bit about her journey to the United States. How her mother carried her through the cold desert nights when she was an infant. I strove to portray that love and determination in this illustration.

Title: Captain Contrarian

Medium: Digital (Procreate)

A while back my little boy became quite the contrarian. I began to wonder if it was his super power! When I started imagining Captain Contrarian’s costume I knew I had to draw it. 

Title: Earth Above, Moon Below

Medium: Digital (Procreate)

        This is the first finished illustration for a project that I am very excited about. Each piece in the series will depict a science fiction future that is filled with wonder and joy. Most depictions of the future are dystopian. Such portrayals of the future serve an important purpose, as they warn us away from the worst possibilities, but they can also lead to a sense of hopelessness. Our children also need to be encouraged to imagine possible futures that are filled with possibility and excitement.

Title: I Love Reading Banned Books

Medium: Digital (Procreate)

When I was in middle school, the administration attempted to ban Stephen King books from the school campus and suddenly it seemed like everyone had one in their backpack. I remember gleefully reading one and feeling like such a scofflaw!

Title: Denim Moon

Medium: Digital