The Big Picture:

        My objective is to make outstanding content like books and infographics for young scientists and engineers. To achieve this objective I leverage both my visual art skills and what I learned while teaching elementary science. I would be happy to put my skills to use for an organization or individual who needs their content to be both engaging and understandable to children. I am interested in freelance work, and would be excited to hear about your project.

Teaching Experience:

        I taught science at an urban elementary school in Denver, Colorado for four years. I had roughly 400 students come through my classroom every week! My students learned to fearlessly explore unfamiliar ideas and confidently support or refute claims using evidence and reason. It was a wild time. I learned so much from my young scientists and colleagues. Unfortunately, the number of students enrolled at my school began to decline due to demographic changes. Every year there were more empty classrooms, and eventually my school could no longer afford to have a dedicated science teacher. The last year I taught, I was both the science teacher and the school librarian. I left in good standing but I knew it was time to take what I had learned in a new direction.

Art Experience:

     As a child I took as many art classes as I could. I eventually went to college in rainy Olympia, Washington where I focused my studies on design and sculpture. My education helped me get a job as a bench jeweler. I worked for seven years in a wonderful shop in Flagstaff, Arizona that specialized in making custom jewelry. I crafted gold and silver jewelry from wire, sheet, and shot. This was when I learned the importance of sitting down with a client and taking the time to listen while asking questions about exactly what they were imagining. Once I accepted a project I learned to check in regularly and make adjustments as the design progressed. I will approach your project with the same focus on purposeful communication to ensure the end product will make you smile.